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The main raw materials for making soy sauce and their functions

In the production of soy sauce, high-quality soy sauce koji extract and reasonable process regulations are important conditions for improving the soy sauce raw material utilization rate and product quality, reducing costs, and increasing economic benefits. So what are the main raw materials for making soy sauce and what are their functions?
soy sauce
Soybean cake: At present, most breweries in our country generally use soybean (soybean cake) after pressing oil as the main protein raw material. In the later brewing fermentation, the aroma and color of soy sauce are produced by the combination of protein hydrolysate, amino acid and sugar.
Flour: The starchy raw material used in soy sauce brewing is mainly provided by flour.
Bran: In addition to providing a small amount of starch (sweet potato powder), it also loosens.
Table salt: Table salt is also one of the important raw materials for soy sauce. It makes the soy sauce have a proper salty taste, and together with the amino acid to give the umami taste, play a role of flavoring, and play a role of antiseptic in the fermentation process. (And it is not necessary in the early stage of making music).
Aspergillus oryzae: Soy sauce brewing is a very complex biochemical reaction process. During the brewing process, the protein in the raw material is broken down into peptides, amino acids and other substances, starch is broken down into sugars, and a part of it is further metabolized and synthesized to form soy sauce Various ingredients.

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